Past Projects

New York Student Support Services Center Capacity Building Project

From 2006 through 2008, SoundOut contracted with the New York State Student Support Services Center in LeRoy, New York. With a powerful emphasis on meaningful student involvement, SoundOut provided expert guidance on school improvement for more than 100 participating K-12 schools.


Our staff provided ongoing training and technical assistance to the NYS Student Support Services Center as they implemented a statewide initiative focused on meaningful student involvement.

Activities included keynote presentations and individual school consultations at a number of workshops across the state, as well as ongoing technical assistance in the form of conference calls and site visits. Outcomes included the development of a replicable statewide strategy for engaging and sustaining meaningful student involvement in school improvement.

SoundOut also worked directly with a number of BOCES focused on student voice, student engagement, and related topics as part of this project.

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