Past Projects

GenYES Student Empowerment Project

This is a description of a 2007-08 GenYES Student Empowerment Project co-led by SoundOut.

Partnering with the international nonprofit GenYES, in 2007 and 2008 SoundOut developed and facilitated in-person training for more than 2,500 students in 42 schools throughout the Central Valley of California focused on student empowerment. The culmination of the project was the development of a student leadership guide for GenYES and the implementation of the guide for more than a decade afterward.

  1. Ahwanhee Middle School
  2. Alpha Tech Middle School
  3. Boron Jr. High School
  4. Boron Sr. High School
  5. Brock Union Elementary School
  6. Christa McAuliffe Middle School
  7. Coalinga Middle School
  8. Coarsegold Elemtary School
  9. Colony Oak Elementary School
  10. Creekside Middle School
  11. Delta Island Elementary School
  12. Dunlap Elementary School
  13. Edison Computech
  14. El Capitan Middle School
  15. El Monte Jr. High School
  16. El Tejon School, California
  17. Foothill Farms Junior High School
  18. General Shafler Elementary School
  19. Haven Drive Middle School
  20. Henderson Community Day School
  21. Island Elementary School
  22. Jack C. Desmond Middle School
  23. Jonas Salk Middle School
  24. Kastner Intermediate School
  25. Keyes Charter School
  26. Lake Don Pedro Elementary School
  27. Lakeside Elementary School
  28. Lee Middle School
  29. Liberty Middle School
  30. Lincoln Junior High School
  31. Livingston Middle School
  32. Raymond-Knowles Elementary School
  33. Reef Sunset Middle School
  34. Richland Junior High School
  35. Sherman Thomas Charter School
  36. Sonora Elementary School
  37. Summerville Elementary School
  38. Teel Middle School
  39. Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  40. Washington Intermediate School
  41. Wawona Middle School
  42. Earle E. Williams Middle School

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