Jovenes Unidos

2013AssessthruMSIWhen they researched hundreds of their peers and suggested powerful transformation, students moved from sharing student voice towards Meaningful Student Involvement.

Students with a nonprofit program called Jovenes Unidos in Denver, Colorado, explored why many of their peers didn’t graduate. Their goal was,

“…to change statistics, and to make [our]… school of excellence where all students learn, graduate, and have the opportunity to go on to college.”

Their report outlines findings from more than 700 student surveys, national education research findings, and a proposal for school transformation. (Jovenes Unidos, 2004)

Since then, Jovenes Unidos have gone on to continue researching student perspectives, gathering middle and high school students who want to improve schools, and building powerful coalitions for education transformation across Denver Public Schools. Their most recent publication is the Colorado School Discipline Report Card, and its findings are causing serious conversations throughout the state.

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