Sistas and Brothas United

2013EngagethruMSIA student group in the Bronx, New York, took Meaningful Student Involvement in education planning to the next level. Sistas and Brothas United, or SBU, worked with school district officials to create a small school focused on educating students for social justice. SBU worked to improve their own schools for several years. They rallied and researched, and as one student said, “[We] got a lot of stuff fixed, that gives me a sense of power.” The students flexed their power in another direction. They worked with the district and a coalition of organizations to start a new high school called the Leadership Institute for Social Justice. Through partnerships, the school trains students to be leaders who take charge of their schools and communities. Yearly Community Action Projects give students the skills they need to take action in their communities. (What Kids Can Do, 2003)

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