What Kids Can Do Students as Allies in School Reform project

2013BelongthruMSIA national nonprofit organization hosts a nationwide program for students to determine how teaching and learning works better, modeling Meaningful Student Involvement.

With major support from a national foundation, a nonprofit organization called What Kids Can Do funded organizations to engage students as researchers in their schools. The project was active in 2003-04 and again from 2011-12. Funding projects in Chicago, Houston, Oakland, Philadelphia, and St. Louis, the Students as Allies in School Reform project sought to answer these questions:

  • What if teachers and students became steady allies rather than frequent adversaries in their daily classroom encounters?
  • What would it take for students to become stakeholders not just in their own success but also in that of their teachers and schools?

Students led the studies at their schools, surveying students and teachers and presenting their findings to a variety of audiences. What Kids Can Do provided the survey and supporting materials, and students created recommendations based on their findings.

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