California Association of Students Councils

The California Association of Student Councils, or CASC, was founded in 1947. They proudly proclaim that all their programs are student-led. That’s an excellent statement, since they have been a mighty driver for student voice and Meaningful Student Involvement in California for more than 65 years.

One of their most powerful activities is the Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education, or SABLE. Each February SABLE convenes in the state capital to set education priorities and share them with key decision-makers. They have a direct audience with the Senate Education Committee, and their influence helped form a position for a full-voting student member of the California State Board of Education, whose position was created in 1969.

Another powerful activity they host is the Student Advisory Board on Education, or SABE. SABE is a state wide conference in Sacramento, California that gives students an opportunity to address the California State Board of Education on issues facing California’s students.

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