Eight Words Students on School Boards Should Know

This is the SoundOut Students On School Boards Toolkit by Adam Fletcher. It includes research, examples and more. SoundOut offers professional development and training! For more information contact us.

The education system has its own language that students and adults should be aware of. There are certain terms you should be familiar with when looking at roles for students on school boards. Following is SoundOut’s vocabulary list specifically for this area.

Eight Terms Students on School Boards Should Know

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1) Board of Education

Board of Education is generally synonymous with school board. Both terms can be used interchangeably.

2) Meaningful Student Involvement

Meaningful student involvement is a framework for engaging students as partners throughout schools and the education system.

3) Student Board Member

Student board member, or a student trustee, is a fully voting, complete member of a school board who has the same rights and responsibilities of adult school board members.

4) Student Council

Student council is a form of student government, just like student senate and associated student body (ASB).

5) Student Engagement

Student engagement is the sustained connection a student has to schools and learning.

6) Student Representative

Student representative is a partially participating student who is meant to represent students without having substantive authority.

7) Student Voice

Student voice is any expression of any student about any part of education, anywhere at anytime. It is not just for high performing students, older students, or white students. ALL students have student voice; the question is whether or not educators and others can listen.

8) Closed Session

Also known as an “Executive Session”, a closed session is a private session where school board members can consider issues outside the public view.

Students on School Boards Toolkit

Students on School Boards in Canada

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