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Students on School Boards in Kentucky

Kentucky Student Voice Movement

Here are different facts about roles for students on school boards in Kentucky.

  • There are 11 voting members (12 members total) of the Kentucky State Board of Education with no student members or student representatives.
  • There are students serving some Kentucky district school boards in some capacity right now.
  • We don’t have information about this state right now. 
  • Please share what you know in the comments below!

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Please cite this information as follows: Fletcher, A. and Kunst, K. (2015) Students on School Boards Toolbox. Olympia, WA: SoundOut. Retrieved [xx/xx/20xx] from

One reply on “Students on School Boards in Kentucky”

Just a note that the Kentucky Student Voice Team spun off in January 2021 from the Prichard Committee and is now a fully independent youth-led organization! ( As pretty much a direct result of that and the team’s more independent legislative activity, there now exists one non-voting student representative on the state board of education whose position was just enshrined in law.

Would be so amazing if you could update this site to reflect that, especially since we direct other groups to it all the time!

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