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Sources for the Students on School Boards Toolkit

This page features the sources for the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox.

This is the SoundOut Students On School Boards Toolkit by Adam Fletcher. It includes research, examples and more. SoundOut offers professional development and training! For more information contact us.

This page features the sources for the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox.

The SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox is a compilation of research from a variety of sources by Adam Fletcher for SoundOut. All information is current to the best of our knowledge; however, errors may be present. We invite anyone to submit corrections, additions and further information in the comments section of each page or by contacting us directly.

Historical data throughout the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox was taken from 

Much of the state education agency data that is included herein was compiled by Zachariah Webb for the Kentucky Department of Education. For his  report, entitled “Meeting Kentucky’s Educational Needs: Proficiency, Achievement Gaps, & the Potential of Student Involvement,” Webb contacted each education department in all fifty states in the United States.

Most of the district-level data included the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox was taken from the National School Board Association “Students Serving on Local School Boards Study” which was last updated in 2009. In several circumstances where data came from additional sources, including newspapers and websites, links are provided on the relevant pages.

SoundOut conducted an informal interview with many state agencies and school districts in order to round out the information that was missing in the Students on School Boards Toolbox. Between August and November 2014, we contacted almost 100 individuals by phone or email at least once.  Education agencies involving students frequently allowed us to talk with appropriate staff who were intimately involved in the process. We then asked more detailed questions about how students were included and how students were selected. Several of these conversations also included informal questions about the effectiveness of student members and whether student diversity was a priority or a concern. However, we did not talk with every state education agency or school district we sought to, and because of that there may be state education departments or boards not listed in this report that do involve students.  All attempts have been made to be as thorough and accurate as possible; we invite anyone to share corrections, additions and further information in the comments section of each page or by contacting us directly.

SoundOut thanks the following people for their assistance with our Students on School Boards Toolbox (note that many have changed positions since they were interviewed):

  • Harry Gamble, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
  • Greg Geeting, California State Board of Education
  • Pam Bergin & Elizabeth Rivera, Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Lana Mito, Hawai‘i Department of Education
  • Lee Patton, Illinois State Board of Education
  • Jeff Zaring, Indiana Department of Education
  • Bev Adams, Iowa Department of Education
  • Carolyn Witt Jones, Partnership for Kentucky Schools
  • Barbara Freiberg, Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Shawn Stelow, Maryland State Department of Education
  • Lisa Bishop, Maryland Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism
  • Donna Taylor, Massachusetts Department of Education
  • Gaye Sorenson, Minnesota Department of Children, Families, & Learning
  • Joy Milam, Mississippi Department of Education
  • Ben Smilowitz, Missouri Office of the Governor
  • Steve Meloy, Montana Board of Public Education
  • Derek Duncan, former Montana student board member
  • LaDonna Bird, Nevada Department of Education
  • Marjan Hajibandeh, former Nevada student board member
  • New Jersey State Board of Education Office
  • Betsy West, North Carolina State Board of Education (even though she is a Duke fan)
  • Reginold Hollie, North Carolina Office of the Governor
  • Phyllis Childers, Tennessee Department of Education
  • Julie Perrey, Tennessee Office of the Governor
  • Charity Clark, Vermont Office of the Governor
  • Dr. Cynthia Cave, Virginia Department of Education
  • Greg Williamson, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Lacey Androsko, former Washington student board member
  • Brooke Haycock, Education Trust
  • Dottie Gray, National School Board Association
  • Adam King, student activist
  • Kari Kunst, student activist

Students on School Boards Toolkit

Students on School Boards in Canada

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