Student-Led Research on Schools

SoundOut for Meaningful Student Involvement

In communities around the world today, students are leading tremendous amounts of research focused on education. They are examining topics that are important to them, to their peers, to their schools’ populations, educators, administrators, advocates, parents and others. Their examinations are powerful, deep and substantive, providing insight into the experiences, wisdom and ideas of the people most affected by schools today: students themselves.

Following is a small sample of some student-led research on education. Please share your contribution in the comments section below.

Student-Led Research on Education

  • Austin Voices for Education & Youth – This research examines changes students in Austin, Texas want for their high schools and looks at how can they make their priorities heard during the reform process.
  • The North High School Report – The Voice of Over 700 Students – Students at North High School in Denver, Colorado share their peers’ perspectives on learning and teaching and school improvement efforts happening throughout their building.
  • Student Voices Count Report – Students in Oakland, California with a program called REAL HARD designed and collected 1,000 report card surveys evaluating teaching, counseling, school safety and facilities at three Oakland high schools. The youth compiled their findings, analyzed the results, and made concrete recommendations to improve the schools in the Student Voices Count report.
  • East Point Youth Action Team – Students in Fulton County, Georgia examine disparities and inequalities that exist between schools in the Northern and Southern regions of their county.

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