Inner City Struggle

Inner City Struggle is a nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California. Their program, United Students, continues the work of the 1968 student movement. They organize high school students and develop young leaders with the aim of transforming the quality of public education in Eastside Los Angeles. United Students organizes the student body at Garfield, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Wilson high schools around school-change campaigns to ensure that all students graduate and attend college.

United Students is dedicated to empowering and developing the leadership of young people through education, culture, and youth organizing trainings. They operate several activities, including a Coordinating Committee (CC) modeled after the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee; Strike School, a 12 week seminar provided to United Students for the purpose of developing youth consciousness through political education on major economic and social justice issues that are not usually outlined in the traditional school curriculum; Media Collective, where students are given background information to the role and history of the mainstream media and how mass communications can be used as a vehicle for social change; After-School Workshops, which inform students on current issues, campus campaigns, and serves as a training ground for the “CC” to implement outreach, recruitment and facilitation skills; Educational Justice Week, to promote college awareness, educational justice, and community change.

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