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Meaningful Student Involvement in the Principal’s Office

Meaningful Student Involvement can have a home in the principal’s office as that person becomes a champion, ally and partner with learners. As the leader of their building, principals and headmasters have unique opportunities to engage students as equitable partners throughout their work, including in decision-making, planning, evaluation, and more.

Meaningful Student Involvement in the principal’s office has an important role in decision-making on the personal level and affecting the whole student body. In addition to advocating for themselves, students can work with building leaders to affect school improvement through Principal Advisory Councils and other formal and informal mechanisms.

Ultimately, principals have the responsibility for transforming the culture of a school in order to foster Meaningful Student Involvement. Fostering safe spaces, supporting sustained actions, infusing into formal school improvement, and transforming teaching, learning and leadership are just a few of the ways principals can make a difference.

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