Oakland Unified School District Student Engagement Office

logo OUSD

Oakland Unified School District Family and Student Engagement Office in Oakland, California operates a district-wide Meaningful Student Engagement Collaborative made of organizations that support Meaningful Student Involvement, student voice, and student-led organizing.

Today, Meaningful Student Engagement (MSE) works with district, site, and community partners to improve student learning and achievement through implementing the Oakland School Board-adopted MSE standards to increase student voice. These standards are based on SoundOut’s frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement.

  • In partnership with site based staff and community-based and grassroots organizations, serving 5,000 high school students across 13 sites though daily site and district level peer to peer leadership programming.
  • Providing professional learning and peer coaching to leadership teachers, to ensure fidelity to MSE curriculum implementation, in middle and high schools.
  • Facilitating youth action research to inform site and district continuous improvement efforts.

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