Student Voice in Afterschool Programs

Meaningful Student Involvement naturally fits into the experience of students in afterschool programs.

Where Meaningful Student Involvement Fits

Whether seeking to build student ownership, foster engagement or empower student agency, afterschool workers can rely on student/adult partnerships to enrich, enliven and transform their programs.

  • Planning—Students can be essential partners in planning entire programs, specific activities and many other elements of afterschool programs.
  • Recruitment—Authentic investment in programming allows students to represent themselves and the activities they’re engaged in afterschool.
  • Delivery—Facilitating, teaching and leading afterschool activities can be shared through student/adult partnerships, mentoring and student-led activities.
  • Assessment—Afterschool programs must increasingly work to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of their activities. Student-driven assessment and evaluations can do that.
  • Re-invention—Using the assessment and planning activities mentioned earlier, students can re-invent the approaches, delivery and outcomes of afterschool programs.

There is a process for enacting all of these different elements that should happen before taking action.

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