Calgary Board of Education Chief Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

The Calgary Board of Education Chief Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council was a group of public high school students with representation from each of Calgary’s public high school programs. They met regularly with the district’s Chief Superintendent to discuss issues in the system and propose solutions. The council lasted approximately from 2010 to 2014.

Empowering Student Voice Program

The Student Advisory Program was part of a larger district-wide Career and Technology Studies (CTS) program instituted by the Calgary Board of Education. The program, called “Empowering Student Voice,” gave students learning opportunities, course credits, and aligned their activities in context of the Provincial Program of Studies. Of the hundreds of students in the program, 21 were selected to sit on the Chief Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.

  • Met with the Chief Superintendent at scheduled times without representation from the Board of Trustees
  • The students were required to assist in the planning and hosting of Leadership Symposia for other students

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