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Ontario Minister’s Student Advisory Council

The Ontario Minister’s Student Advisory Council, or MSAC, is a group of approximately sixty students from all parts of the publicly funded education system and regions of the province. MSAC is a place where students have a voice and where they will be heard.


The first council made an important contribution to Student Voice by identifying indicators of student voice. These indicators reflect the ideas of students from across Ontario about what helps strengthen student engagement in learning.

  • In 2008, the Ontario Minister of Education signed an order to create the Minister’s Student Advisory Council, under section 10 (a) of the Education Act.
  • Students grades 7 to 12 at publicly funded schools
  • No special qualifications are required.
  • Each year, approximately sixty students from across the province have provided advice to the Minister of Education on a variety of topics regarding the publicly-funded education system.
  • The Council gathers twice a year, once in May in Toronto and once in August at a leadership camp.
  • During their one-year term, council members may create sub-committees on matters of interest and meet virtually to discuss them.
  • Members are invited to participate in regional Student Voice programs and events like Regional Student Forums.
  • Students may also be invited to participate in consultations regarding policies or programs that have an impact on students.


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