Access to Higher Education and Meaningful Student Involvement

The issue of access to higher education is both affected by and affects Meaningful Student Involvement in a variety of ways.

What It Is

When higher education was available only to the rich and powerful, all other learners were forced to find advanced studies in other places, if at all.

Some people were lucky enough to find apprenticeships; others couldn’t learn any further than the lowest grades. This continued into the 1950s in the United States, when programs for veterans and the Civil Rights Movement provided more access to community college, trade school and colleges universities.

However, today there are still barriers to higher education for many people. Students who’ve experienced the power of Meaningful Student Involvement may face discouraging experiences attempting to get into higher education, or once they arrive there.

Where Meaningful Student Involvement Fits

A small student voice movement is emerging in higher education institutions across North America and Europe, and globally.

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