Critical Thinking

Tools for Teachers
Tools for Teachers

Critical thinking is a key skill infused within Meaningful Student Involvement. Its also a powerful approach to learning, teaching and leadership throughout the education system.

What It Is

Meaningful Student Involvement is built on critical thinking in several ways, including:

  • Empowering students to use reasoning to identify order and create meaning in their experience of schooling, learning and education
  • Enhancing the capacity of students to engage with the curriculum of schools, both seen and unseen
  • Fostering open-mindedness through questioning their own assumptions, challenging others and themselves and work with adults as partners, not supervisors
  • Enriching students’ and adults’ abilities to be challenged by others and encouraging them to see when they’re wrong
  • Encouraging students to test their desires for schools and search for truth in education.

What It Does

Infusing critical thinking throughout education means giving students of all ages the space to critically analyze the structures and cultures of schools on all levels. By developing their abilities to question, reason, predict and identify patterns in their experiences, students can become more than passive recipients of teaching. Instead, they can become equitable partners with adults in every aspect of the education system. That’s the goal of Meaningful Student Involvement.

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