Early Learning and Meaningful Student Involvement


The emerging reality that early learning is a key to successful lives for everyone, everywhere all the time makes it a key issue that can be addressed through and ultimately embody Meaningful Student Involvement.

As brain research continually shows, human development is completely footed in the early years, with conclusive evidence demonstrating the strong connection between the early childhood years and life-long health, well-being and learning. Focusing on early learning means creating and sustaining safe and support learning environments and coupling those with, positive, powerful and meaningful learning experiences for children throughout their early years.  Its in these years that young learners discover they have a voice, learn they have purpose, and embrace their abilities to create change in the worlds around them. These are the years when the concept of partnership with adults can be fostered, nurturing a sense of self-awareness and purpose in learning, teaching and leadership.

Ultimately, the architecture of Meaningful Student Involvement can nestled wonderfully throughout early learning.

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