School Closures and Meaningful Student Involvement

When schools are closed for any reason, the most directly affected people involved are students. Whether driven by is dropping enrollment, underperformance on standardized tests, economic consolidation, or other excuse, students are the main people who feel the impact, experience the burdens, and are affected by school closure. Meaningful Student Involvement can be at the center of these closures.

By positioning students with the knowledge needed to navigate complex educational landscapes and the positions needed to affect change, Meaningful Student Involvement offers a unique tool for educators to engage students as partners within the education system. Outside of schools, when decisions like school closures seem like they are made in vacuums with little or no rationalization to students, student voice campaigns and student-led education organizing can be powerful tools of opposition. Understanding schools is vital at this point, including policy-making practices and leadership issues that affect decision-making.

Ultimately, school closures can serve as an impetus for identifying and exploring further ways to integrate students as partners throughout education.

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