Lesson Plan on Trust Circles

This is a Lesson Plan on Trust Circles by Adam F.C. Fletcher for

Faciliator Notes

Introduction: Lesson plan for 8-40 students and adult participants

Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to…

  • Build trust among group members in a relatively low-risk environment

Time: 30 minutes

Materials: None

Space: Enough for group to stand in a circle.

Considerations: This lesson plan may sound easy, but many people have strong reaction to the simple act of walking forward with their eyes closed. Depriving yourself of sight demands that you put trust in other members of the group. This exercise prepares group members for more high-risk trust building activities.


  1. Have group stand in a loose circle, about an arm’s length between each person.
  2. Instruct participants: One at a time, each one of will walk cross the circle—with your eyes closed. Once across the circle, the two closest people will gently stop you by placing their hands on your shoulders, turn you around and send you across the circle again. You will cross again, be turned again and this time, when you reach the other side, open your eyes and rejoin the circle. One at a time, every person will cross the circle three times. There is to be complete silence in the group until everyone has gone.
  3. Facilitator: Demonstrate the process for the group.
  4. One at a time, everyone in the group takes a turn.
  5. Once everyone has completed the lesson, ask the group:
    • How did this activity feel?
    • Was it tougher than you expected?
    • What was the hardest thing? The most surprising?
    • What did you learn by taking the walk?

What did you learn by observing others?

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These lesson plans were created by Adam F.C. Fletcher for SoundOut under contract from the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction funded through a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service. All contents ©2007 SoundOut. Permission to use is granted exclusively for nonprofit and in-school education purposes only. All Rights Reserved.

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