SoundOut Student Voice Program

This is the promotional flyer for the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum by Adam F.C. Fletcher.

The SoundOut Student Voice Program is the only program written for educators to actually engage students as partners to transform our schools.

SoundOut can empower students to improve learning, teaching, and leadership better throughout K-12 schools today!

SoundOut founding director Adam F.C. Fletcher wrote and piloted this curriculum to teach middle and high school students how to change schools. Based on his work with more than 300 schools across the country, this program shows educators how to build student voice in their schools today.


The SoundOut Student Voice Program has many unique features, including:

  • An action-packed, hands-on curriculum
  • Eight modules with several hours of classroom instruction
  • 27 detailed, practical lesson plans
  • Designed in actual classes with real students
  • Students learn how to positively, powerfully transform education through…
    • Education research
    • School planning
    • Classroom teaching
    • Self-, class- and school-wide evaluation
    • Systemic decision-making
    • Education advocacy

Engaging, hands-on activities are punctuated with fun worksheets, and with a comprehensive teacher’s guide, there are no questions left unanswered. There are also planning guides, assessment tools, and more included.

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