Meaningful Student Involvement Guide to Students as Partners in School Change

This e-book describes the elements of meaningful student involvement in the context of school change efforts. It presents a five-step cycle of listening, validating, authorizing, mobilizing, and reflecting on student voice; a tool to measure the quality of activities involving student voice; and several examples of what students as researchers, planners, teachers, evaluators, decision-makers, and advocates look … Continue reading Meaningful Student Involvement Guide to Students as Partners in School Change

Students as Learning Evaluators

Meaningful Student Involvement can feature roles for students as learning evaluators. Following is an introduction to these opportunities, including details, stories and resources. INTRODUCTION On one level, teachers are always listening to students’ opinions, checking for comprehension, and whether they have accomplished a task. Another level is reflected in the barrage of student surveys conducted, and the myriad … Continue reading Students as Learning Evaluators

Articles by SoundOut

Following are articles written for SoundOut about a variety of topics related to Meaningful Student Involvement. These publications cover student voice, student engagement, student/adult partnerships and more. Articles on Meaningful Student Involvement Intro to Meaningful Student Involvement Making Student Involvement Meaningful Understanding Meaningfulness Tips on Action for Meaningful Student Involvement Spheres of Meaningful Student Involvement … Continue reading Articles by SoundOut

Measuring Activities in Meaningful Student Involvement

When measuring Meaningful Student Involvement activities, its vital to examine the activities that make up what’s happening. Each activity can include many different parts. Here, SoundOut examines the culture of activities, the actions involved, the barriers in activities and the evaluation of activities. Measuring the Culture of Meaningful Student Involvement When assessing Meaningful Student Involvement its … Continue reading Measuring Activities in Meaningful Student Involvement

SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum

The SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum is the only program written for educators to actually engage students as partners to transform our schools. SoundOut can empower students to improve learning, teaching, and leadership better throughout K-12 schools today! SoundOut founding director Adam F.C. Fletcher wrote and piloted this curriculum to teach middle and high school students … Continue reading SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum