SoundOut facilitates learning opportunities for educators, administrators and others.

SoundOut is widely recognized as a foremost education training organization in the world today focused on student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement.

We facilitate high-level professional development workshops for classroom educators, building administrators and other school staff. Our sessions are interactive and exciting, yet deep and pragmatic. We focus on creating highly engaging and effective opportunities for students and adults to work together throughout education. We also provide training on skills and knowledge needed to engage students in education decision-making, including on committees and school boards; as well as training educators to implement our SoundOut Program

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Workshop Details

  • Highly interactive, hands-on style focused on practical action
  • All sessions oriented towards building understanding and improving education
  • Sessions can be 2 hours to 35 hours long
  • 8 to 80 participants can join in
  • Can include copies of our professional materials
  • Content can be introductory and broad or advanced and specific to particular positions and activities throughout schools

Professional Development Topics

Young people learn to take action and improve schools.
Young people learn to take action and improve schools.

Workshop 1) Intro to Meaningful Student Involvement. Explores Adam Fletcher’s internationally recognized Frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement. This workshop teaches participants how to create powerful, purposeful approaches to engaging students as partners in schools.

Workshop 2) Advanced Meaningful Student Involvement. A concrete series of exercises focused on integrating students as partners throughout education. Action planning, learning rubrics, evaluation activities, and student-adult partnerships will be explored in classroom teaching, school improvement, and throughout the education system.

Workshop 3) Intro to Student Voice. Participants learn that student voice is any expression of learners focused on learning or schools. This training develops both students’ and educators’ understanding what student voice can do in school, including classrooms and school improvement activities.

Workshop 4) More than Student Voice. This workshop helps educators and students understand that schools can become locations for passionate, effective action by all learners in all subject areas. Focused on practical tools to influence teaching and learning, this workshop provides the skills educators need to transform teaching in the 21st century.

Workshop 5) Advanced Student Leadership Training. This workshop emphasizes applied leadership throughout schools. Students and educators to work together to engage students beyond planning dances. Participants explore how to engage traditional and nontraditional student leaders solving serious problems in their schools and transform student engagement for all learners.

Workshop 6) Successful Student Involvement in Decision-Making. Highlights the roles of student voice in schools. Participants examine their organization’s culture and structure, identifying a multitude of ways to successfully involve students. This workshop focuses on implementing, evaluating, and sustaining student involvement.

Workshop 7) Learning About Learning. Designed to teach students about learning, the school system, and school improvement. Topics covered include Evaluating Your Education, Intro to School Reform, Building Community in Schools, Learning through Service to Schools, and Student-led Organizing to Improve Schools.

Workshop 8) Students as Partners in School Improvement. Engages participants in learning about engaging students as education researchers, planners, decision-makers, evaluators, teachers, and advocates. Practical opportunities are explored, and participants create plans including implementation and evaluation.

Workshop 9) Engaging Nontraditional Student Leaders. Designed for educators who want to reach the quiet, inconvenient, or disregarded student leaders in their schools. This workshop focuses on developing new perspectives of their abilities. It provides concrete examples, and establishes clear opportunities in each educator’s setting for action.

Workshop 10) Changing Classroom Climate. Focused on engaging all students as leaders, this workshop teaches educators how to establish group expectations, self-monitoring, and clear avenues to ensure student investment and ownership in climate-building activities.



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