Professional Development

SoundOut participants in a collective impact activity for students and educators.
SoundOut participants in a collective impact activity for students and educators.

SoundOut facilitates learning opportunities for educators, administrators and others.

  • All sessions are online
  • Highly interactive, hands-on style focused on practical action
  • All sessions oriented towards building understanding and improving education
  • Sessions can be 2 hours to 35 hours long
  • 8 to 80 participants can join in
  • Can include copies of our professional materials
  • Content can be introductory and broad or advanced and specific to particular positions and activities throughout schools

We offer five distinct workshops designed to support classroom practice, school climate, school improvement and more.

SoundOut PD

Workshop 1. INTRO TO MEANINGFUL STUDENT INVOLVEMENT: This workshop is a brief exposure to the purpose, practice, and outcomes of our dynamic approach to school improvement. Participants explore frameworks, discuss research and identify examples to learn about its greatest potential and reality.

Workshop 2. APPLICATION OF MEANINGFULNESS: Focused on finding the ways Meaningful Student Involvement happens in classrooms, hallways, principals’ offices and beyond, this workshop looks at practical applications. Participants examine different practical, purposeful ways to infuse student voice throughout K-12 schools, districts and beyond.

Workshop 3. POWER WITH PURPOSE: This workshop examines ways to increase every students’ personal and collective power to improve education. Participants use tools, discover patterns and identify real ways to increase student power, purpose and potential through Meaningful Student Involvement.

Workshop 4. CRITIQUE WHAT HAPPENS: Explore ways to improve on student voice, student leadership and more with Meaningful Student Involvement in this workshop. Participants use research-based rubrics and other tools to examine, critique and transform traditional and current practices, and more.

Workshop 5. SUSTAINING EDUCATION TRANSFORMATION: This workshop shares real ways to keep student/adult partnerships at the core of your school or ed program. Participants learn about processes, activities and other hands-on ways to sustain Meaningful Student Involvement every day.

To discuss topics, prices, availability and other details, contact us.

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