Omaha North High vikings banner

1972 Omaha North High School Student Assembly

North High School in Omaha, Nebraska, is my alma mater. Coincidentally, they made strides in student voice advocacy long before I ever got there. Here’s

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The 2016 SoundOut Summer Camp happens August 1-11 at Cleveland High School in Seattle

2016 SoundOut Summer Camp

The 2016 SoundOut Summer Camp is happening August 1-12 at Cleveland High School in Seattle, Washington. Over the last five years, SoundOut has partnered with

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SoundOut Student Voice Series is now available!

SoundOut Student Voice Series

The SoundOut Student Voice Series introduces the theory of Meaningful Student Involvement by expert practitioner Adam Fletcher, founder of SoundOut. The books in this series

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Barriers to School Transformation through Meaningful Student Involvement, Student Voice and Student Engagement by

Silencing Student Voice

   To assist you in identifying and challenging adultism in schools, I’m adapting this list of common phrases educators have been conditioned to and may

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Middle school students in a SoundOut planning workshop in Washington State.

Students as Experts

Envisioning roles for students to be and behave like experts throughout the K-12 education system to teach youth is relatively easy. However, seeing new roles for

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