Canadian Student Voice Directory from SoundOut.

SoundOut Guide to Students on Canadian School Boards by Adam Fletcher

Is it legal for students to be represented on school boards in Canada? Do Canadian school boards always have student voice in mind? How many

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SoundOut Meaningful Student Involvement Idea Guide

Meaningful Student Involvement Idea Guide

(10 pgs, 2002-2015, FREE) Focusing on practical implementation of meaningful involvement, this brief guide is for students, teachers, principals and others who want something immediate

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Adam Fletcher award in Brazil 2014

Habits of Meaningful Student Involvement

Fostering the attitudes needed to support Meaningful Student Involvement requires intention and action. The following attitudes form the habits of Meaningful Student Involvement. They reflect

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This is the Spectrum of Sustainability by Adam Fletcher for SoundOut

Spectrum of Sustainability

Meaningful Student Involvement should be measured for its sustainability. The following is a tool I designed to measure sustainability in schools that I call the

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This is the Student Voice Continuum by Adam Fletcher for SoundOut

Student Voice Revolution Continuum

When they are involved in ways that seek to be meaningful, it is important for students and adults to examine how their involvement happens. This

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