Roles for Students throughout the Education System

What are the broadest possible roles for engaging students as partners throughout the K-12 education system?    The most important thing when engaging students in any role in school is to acknowledge their first duty: Learning. Their learning is paramount to being meaningfully involved throughout schools. Learning through meaningful student involvement should include: stated learning […]

The Guide to Meaningful Student Involvement

The Guide to Meaningful Student Involvement highlights a practical framework, important considerations, and real-world examples. This is the most concise summary of the Frameworks to Meaningful Student Involvement available today. The Guide is all about engaging students throughout education. Recommended for anyone interested in student voice, student empowerment, student engagement, or building community in schools. The Guide […]

SoundOut Student Symposium

  SoundOut Student Symposium Saturday, February 20, 2016 Seattle, Washington This retreat for high schoolers is designed to increase student ownership in their education. Spending the day with master facilitator Adam Fletcher, students will participate in highly-interactive, hands-on activities to discover what education is, what it does, why it matters and how they can change […]

How to Facilitate Student Voice

  It can be hard to facilitate student voice. At SoundOut, we define student voice as any expression of any student, anywhere, at any time about anything related to learning, schools and education. Trying to facilitate definition on purpose can challenge the most experienced teacher, wizened community facilitator, or determined student leader. ALL student voice can be supremely useful. […]

Tools for Students on School Boards

Here is SoundOut’s collection of tools related to students on school boards. For more information, contact us. Students on School Boards Fact Sheet Terms Related to Students on School Boards Activities for Students on School Boards Rationale for Students on School Boards How to Get Students on School Boards Options for Student Voice on School Boards […]