Barriers to School Transformation

SoundOut Summer Camp
Students at the 2015 SoundOut Summer Camp addressed barriers to their engagement in school transformation.


For as long as there have been public schools, there have been calls for school reform, education improvement and other changes. The entire time, there have been many things that have stopped these changes from happening, sometimes positive and other times challenging. There are many barriers to school transformation through Meaningful Student Involvement, student voice and student engagement, too.

Ultimately, barriers to school transformation through Meaningful Student Involvement don’t simply affect Meaningful Student Involvement. As an approach to transforming schools, Meaningful Student Involvement seeks to help all students become more successful in education. When Meaningful Student Involvement fails, students are further challenged. That’s why its vital to address them head-on by naming what they are, finding alternatives and successes that happen in spite of these challenges.

Types of Barriers

Overcoming Barriers

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