Student Voice in Madison

There are communities in the United States where young people are working with adults to lift up the voices of students and infuse meaningful student involvement throughout education. Last week I had a chance to visit Madison, Wisconsin, where they are doing exactly that. Over 24 hours in two days, I sat with more than […]

Calgary Board of Education Chief Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

The Calgary Board of Education Chief Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council was a group of public high school students with representation from each of Calgary’s public high school programs. They met regularly with the district’s Chief Superintendent to discuss issues in the system and propose solutions. The council lasted approximately from 2010 to 2014. Empowering Student Voice Program The […]

Oakland Unified School District Student Engagement Office

Oakland Unified School District Family and Student Engagement Office in Oakland, California operates a district-wide Meaningful Student Engagement Collaborative made of organizations that support Meaningful Student Involvement, student voice, and student-led organizing. Today, Meaningful Student Engagement (MSE) works with district, site, and community partners to improve student learning and achievement through implementing the Oakland School Board-adopted […]

Edmonton Public Schools Student Advisory Council

The Edmonton Public Schools Student Advisory Council serves as the district’s representative group for student voice. Each high school selects their representatives in the spring. These students carry forward and serve for a year, unless circumstances require a school to select a new council member. These students are also responsible for selecting the student trustee. More Info Student […]

Chicago Public Schools CEO Student Advisory Council

The CEO’s Student Advisory Council is a forum for direct communication and recommendation between CPS students and the chief executive officer of Chicago Public Schools. As members of the Council, students share their voice on a variety topics and work to create evidence-based solutions for select issues that are important to students and the district. […]