Calgary Catholic School District Student Advisory Council

The Calgary Catholic School District Student Advisory Council, or SAC, is intended to build community among Calgary’s Catholic high schools. Each school is represented by two to three students who meet regularly throughout the district to exchange ideas pertaining to educational and social issues, while developing their personal leadership skills.


The SAC is a meaningful, consultative voice of the students of the Calgary Catholic School District. They are involved in diverse student voice activities on various topics chosen by the district. The SAC members…

  • Work diligently to promote a positive profile of high school students
  • Volunteer their time and energy through acts of service in the community
  • Have opportunities to participate in fundraising and awareness campaigns within their own schools.
  • Meets three times a year with district administration without Trustee representation
  • Student feedback from the meetings is forwarded to the Calgary Catholic Board of Trustees
  • Consists of one student each from Grade 10, 11, and 12 for each of the five high schools (three students per school) for a total of 15 students
  • Students volunteer for membership on the SAC
  • Students who are chosen to become the Grade 10 DSAC representative are often the students who are subsequently chosen to be the Grade 11 and 12 representative in the following years

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Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC)

The Victorian Student Representative Council, or VicSRC, is the peak body representing secondary students in Victoria.

The VicSRC is auspiced by the Youth Affairs Council Victoria, and funded through the Department of Education and Training Victoria (DET) and Catholic Education Office Melbourne. Their vision is for an education system where learning is responsive to the needs of students, enjoyable, practical and meaningful, where student voice is valued and supported.

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Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP)

The Southwest Organizing Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico,  is committed to providing leadership development to young people with opportunities and access to resources they need to think for themselves and analyze their surroundings, to have a voice in decisions that affects their lives, and to build power in their communities.

SWOP has done many projects with students in the past, including focusing on the criminalization of students in schools, writing a comprehensive students bill of rights, and more. Current projects continue examining the school-to-prison pipeline.

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Youth Action

Youth Action in Albuquerque, New Mexico, worked with youth and community-based organizations, primarily in communities of color, low income communities, and LGBTQ communities. They nurtured youth organizing since 1987 by assisting youth and adult allies.


Youth Action provided trainings, events, technical assistance and networking opportunities to strengthen youth organizing and create change for local communities, including in schools.


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Chicago Youth United

Chicago Youth United was a coalition of youth organizations in Chicago, Illinois, started in the 1990s. It worked to change school policies and fight for resources for students across the city.

School security, dropout rates, school funding, school closures and racism in education were top concerns.

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Our Education

Our Education, or OurEd, was a national nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


The mission of OurEd was to improve K-12 education in America by engaging and empowering students themselves in a national movement for better schools. The organization was founded on the belief that the best chance we have to get the kinds of schools we need in this country is for millions of American students to call for and lead a national effort to secure them.


Our Education ran two primary programs. The first was a national youth engagement campaign to build student awareness, interest, and action regarding current efforts to improve their schools. That youth engagement campaign was run primarily through the vehicle of our national student petition to make high quality education an American right. Our Education’s second initiative was a local-based Student Voice Project which worked to increase youth involvement and capacity to contribute to policy discussions and reform efforts at the high school, school district, and state levels.

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Students United

Students United was a Topeka, Kansas-based program of Sunflower Community Action.

Students United wasn’t a typical youth group or student club. The group was dedicated to having student voice heard so schools could be made safer and better. Students United wanted all students to have an equal opportunity to succeed which means college and/or a living-wage career.

They were known for standing up and fixing problems affecting today’s students.

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