Poughkeepsie School Board

Invited to examine their district’s budget in a course, these students got credit for Meaningful Student Involvement. In Poughkeepsie, New York, high school students conducted research on the Poughkeepsie School Board budget crisis as part of a high school government class. After designing a survey for students on what should be included in next year’s […]

Bear Valley High School

Students who are examining the very purpose and types of school improvement in their schools may be experiencing Meaningful Student Involvement. The principal at Big Bear High School in Bear Valley, California, wanted to explore student views of learning, so she started a student-research program. The group focused on the questions, “Does our school restructuring […]

Feature on Adam Fletcher

This is a biography of Adam Fletcher, SoundOut’s founding director. Adam Fletcher is the founding director of SoundOut and most recently, the author of The Guide to Student Voice. A recognized international authority, Adam teaches educators, students and others about student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement. He is also the author of more […]

Student Voice in School Building Leadership

[three_fourth padding=”0 5px 0 5px”] In a growing number of schools across the United States, students are becoming involved in decision-making activities that affect themselves, their peers, and their whole school. Many schools wrestle with exactly which decisions to allow students to make. George Patmor conducted a statewide survey of high school schools in Kentucky. […]