People Affected by Meaningful Student Involvement

There are innumerable people who can be affected by Meaningful Student Involvement, no matter where it is happening, who is involved or what it is addressing. Among the many stakeholders, it is vital to understand exactly how Student/Adult Partnerships can be most effective. Fielding addresses this when he wrote, “the inclusion of student voice can […]

Youngest-Ever Candidate

Calling for student voice in educational decision-making, Sonia Yaco was the youngest-ever documented candidate for a publicly-elected school board position in the United States. In 1972, at the age of 16, she ran for the Ann Arbor, Michigan school board. After announcing her campaign, Yaco completed the procedural requirements for candidacy. However, Ann Arbor Public […]

Feature on Dana Mitra

Dana Mitra is a key light shining in the dark for SoundOut. Since the inception of our work in 2002, Dana has provided constant inspiration and guidance, gently pushing our thinking as we established the frameworks of Meaningful Student Involvement and making strident efforts to take student voice further across the United States. Dana began her […]

Feature on Roger Holdsworth

Roger Holdsworth is one of the longest standing and most successful advocates and allies for student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement in the world. Based in Sydney, Australia, his work is admired, learned from and shared globally by researchers, practitioners, students and others. He is also the publisher of the internationally respected journal Connect for […]

Feature on Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding is one of the most-recognized researchers in the field of student voice around the world. His work has deeply influenced SoundOut, informing our concept of moving from simply listening to student voice towards Meaningful Student Involvement for every student in every school all of the time. Michael Fielding was a teacher for more than two decades, […]