Training about Students on School Boards

In a climate where more attention is being paid to student voice in the classroom, many are asking how school boards might approach incorporating students into their work in a way that goes beyond inviting someone to report on Homecoming festivities. Bring SoundOut to your school district or conference for a workshop dedicated to understanding […]

SoundOut Guide to Students on Canadian School Boards by Adam Fletcher

Is it legal for students to be represented on school boards in Canada? Do Canadian school boards always have student voice in mind? How many students represent student voice in Canada?   For the first time, one publication is answering those questions. The SoundOut Guide to Students on Canadian School Boards is the first nationwide summary of […]

Students on School Boards Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Students on School Boards   Following are some of the frequently asked questions SoundOut has collected after more than a decade of training school boards, students, and others about students on school boards. Where there are links, there is more information.   Can students join my district school boards and/or the state […]

Toronto District School Board Power Your Future Program

The Toronto District School Board launched a summer school called Power Your Future, or PYF. PYF sites feature shared leadership between students and adults, which is a primary component of Meaningful Student Involvement. Starting with the commitment of individual school site principals, Power Your Future wanted to make sure all student voices are heard and considered, and recognize when […]

New Brunswick Student Trustees

According to the New Brunswick District Education Council website, starting in 2009, each council in the province has a student representative appointed by the Minister of Education. Student trustee votes are counted but student trustees can’t attend in-camera meetings. Students can join education council subcommittees, vote across many issues, and serve in one-year terms. They are excluded from closed […]