Alberta Student Trustees

The Alberta School Act and Regulations does not currently mandate Student Trustees to sit on boards of education in Alberta. Edmonton: The Edmonton Board of Education created a seat for a Student Trustee that was elected to represent student voice starting in 2013. Through a District-level election process, a student is identified as the successful Student Trustee candidate. This student sits, as […]

Student Trustees and Meaningful Student involvement

In school districts across Canada, there is a growing movement promoting roles for student trustees on the board of trustees. There is no one set role for student trustees. If a board of trustees has student representation, it is often a single student who is charged with representing hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of their […]

British Columbia Student Trustees

The British Columbia School Act does not currently enable Student Trustees to sit on boards of education. About A 2013 proposal to promote student trustees through the British Columbia School Trustees’ Association failed. However, two districts went ahead and launched positions, with additional districts considering opportunities throughout the 2014-15 school year. B.C. Student Trustees Sunshine Coast School District Vancouver […]

Ontario Student Trustees

Since 1998, every school board in Ontario has had student trustees by law. Each district is mandated to include one to three students. Student trustees in Ontario: Can share input, raise issues and discuss topics just like any trustee, influencing policy decisions, etc. Do not have a vote Is intended to bring the student voice to the […]

Six Startling Facts About Students on School Boards

SoundOut is concerned about the absence of students on school boards in school districts and state boards of education across the United States, as well as in Canada, Australia, and around the world. Engaging students as decision-makers is a key to ensuring Meaningful Student Involvement for every student in every school all of the time. […]