Collège Churchill High School

Students at Collège Churchill High School’s Youth for Diversity, or YFD, group struggle to effect long lasting and significant change in the school culture. The school is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The group’s meetings offer many students hope as they pool their leadership, vision, skills, and hands to carry out objectives. The group has existed in various forms […]

Meaningful Student Involvement Schools

Some places embody SoundOut’s work entirely. We called these Meaningful Student Involvement Schools. Within these schools, the cascading effects of Meaningful Student Involvement on both individuals and institutions is obvious. They show clearly that the more individual opportunities for meaningful involvement in a specific class, around a school building, throughout a district, within a state, or across a […]

Mission Hill School

In Boston, Massachusetts, the Mission Hill School was founded in 1997 as a pre-Kindergarten through grade 8 public school with approximately 200 racially and economically diverse students. Education thought leader Deborah Meier cofounded the school with parents, community leaders and others to provide a model to encourage other schools to innovate. Students throughout the city are chosen […]

Alternatives in Action High School

Students in Oakland, California, have the option of attending the nation’s first-ever student-created high school. Alternatives in Action High School was originally founded as The Bay Area School of Enterprise in 2001, when a group of students worked with adults to design, write, and submit a petition for a charter school to the Alameda Unified […]

The NOVA Project

In 1970, a group of students and their parents lobbied the Seattle School District to open an alternative high school that operated differently from the rest of the district. They particularly asked for a school without curriculum that centered on student interests, where teachers and students would share decision-making and activities could diverge from expectations […]