Welcome to the 2015 SoundOut Summer Camp!

Between August 3 and August 14, 2015, SoundOut is taking up residence at Cleveland High School in Seattle, Washington. Over those two weeks, twenty high school students will join SoundOut staff to learn how to change the world, starting with the education system they spend at least thirteen years participating in. As a predominantly African American and […]

Speak Out

More than 300 schools across the Canadian province of Alberta have participated in the Alberta Education Speak Out program. Originally launched as a way to foster student voice, today student and adults work together across the province to improve learning and teaching throughout schools. At Speak Out Forums in individual schools, students talk about what successful […]

Boston Student Engagement Advisory Council

A collaborative group of students and non-profits in Boston have formed the Student Engagement Advisory Council. The groups, including Youth on Board, the Mayor’s Youth Council, Boston Plan for Excellence, Center for Collaborative Education, Center for Teen Empowerment and Project HipHop, work with the Boston Public Schools to impact citywide policy and increase student engagement. […]

Catalyst Miami

Implementing the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum program in three public schools in Miami School District, SoundOut staff have consulted and trained for the nonprofit Catalyst Miami, formerly known as the Human Services Coalition of Miami/Dade County. Our partnership lasted from 2011 to 2015, and served dozens of students in three high schools. More than 400 students in grades 7-12 […]

Kentucky’s kid∙FRIENDLy Program

In 2014-15, SoundOut partnered with two regional school districts to support part of Kentucky’s student voice movement. The Green River Educational Cooperative and the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative operate a program called kid∙FRIENDLy. Funded by the largest ED Race to the Top grant to-date, kid∙FRIENDLy brought in SoundOut staff to work with dozens of districts in their regions. kid∙FRIENDLy […]