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Welcome to the 2015 SoundOut Summer Camp!

Cleveland HSBetween August 3 and August 14, 2015, SoundOut is taking up residence at Cleveland High School in Seattle, Washington.

Over those two weeks, twenty high school students will join SoundOut staff to learn how to change the world, starting with the education system they spend at least thirteen years participating in. As a predominantly African American and Asian American school in a low-income neighborhood, there are plenty of opportunities to create change!



Using our SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum, students will explore several broad topics, including…

With six hours of programming everyday, students will experience hands-on, practical learning opportunities. FUN is at the middle of everything, and we’ll also be infusing critical thinking, reflection and sustainability lessons throughout the entirety of the camp.

As part of the ongoing SoundOut Student Voice Team at Cleveland, the students will make plans for action with our partners at Service Learning Seattle throughout the 2015-16 school year and  have unique opportunities to contribute to school improvement planning, teaching professional development and more.

Wanna see how its going? Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I live blog from Cleveland!

Day-By-Day Live Blogging

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Speak Out

More than 300 schools across the Canadian province of Alberta have participated in the Alberta Education Speak Out program.

Originally launched as a way to foster student voice, today student and adults work together across the province to improve learning and teaching throughout schools. At Speak Out Forums in individual schools, students talk about what successful learning at looks like and how educators can facilitate it. Decision-makers on school boards, with the provincial ministry of education, and others receive reports from the forums that represent student voice.

Every year, students and adults attend the Speak Out Conference, working together to establish opportunities for students to impact the education system. Speak Out also hosts the Minister of Education’s Student Advisory Council. These 24 students, ages 14-19, meet with the Minister of Education several times a year and provide a new and fresh perspective on learning, teaching and leadership in schools.

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Boston Student Engagement Advisory Council

A collaborative group of students and non-profits in Boston have formed the Student Engagement Advisory Council. The groups, including Youth on Board, the Mayor’s Youth Council, Boston Plan for Excellence, Center for Collaborative Education, Center for Teen Empowerment and Project HipHop, work with the Boston Public Schools to impact citywide policy and increase student engagement.


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Catalyst Miami

Implementing the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum program in three public schools in Miami School District, SoundOut staff have consulted and trained for the nonprofit Catalyst Miami, formerly known as the Human Services Coalition of Miami/Dade County. Our partnership lasted from 2011 to 2015, and served dozens of students in three high schools.

More than 400 students in grades 7-12 have participated, using curricula, evaluations and planning tools from SoundOut; as well as benefiting from training and assistance we’ve provided program staff.


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Kentucky’s kid∙FRIENDLy Program

In 2014-15, SoundOut partnered with two regional school districts to support part of Kentucky’s student voice movement.

The Green River Educational Cooperative and the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative operate a program called kid∙FRIENDLy. Funded by the largest ED Race to the Top grant to-date, kid∙FRIENDLy brought in SoundOut staff to work with dozens of districts in their regions.

kid∙FRIENDLy is promoting student voice as a component of their classroom transformation efforts. SoundOut worked with them to help teachers in these regions grapple with classroom-focused student voice efforts by providing teacher training and ongoing consultation throughout the school year.

NOTE: The above artifacts are shared courtesy of kid∙FRIENDLy and SoundOut. For citation information, please contact us

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Past Projects

Educational Service District 113 Youth Alliance

The Educational Service District 113 Student Support Services Team (ESD 113) facilitates the growth and development of school- and community-based academic, health, extracurricular, and social supports for K-12 students in southwest Washington.

Adam Fletcher keynoting Challenge

A national movement towards rallying similar organizations supporting similar young people in schools and during out-of-school time led ESD 113 to convene a similar coalition. Without a concise action plan or engaging facilitator, the ESD was concerned their coalition may not succeed. Searching for a premier leader with similar experience, the ESD called on SoundOut to inform and guide this effort.


Starting in spring 2012, SoundOut staff provided leadership to the Pacific Mountain Regional Youth Alliance through a contract with Educational Service District 113 in Tumwater, Washington. We consulted a planning team including representatives from five organizations focused on developing a collective impact strategy to affect change in southwest Washington. We also facilitated Alliance gatherings for up to 125 participants, as well as planning team meetings.

The Alliance, including Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Thurston, and the northern part of Pacific Counties, is planning, convening, and supporting youth agencies, individuals, and other partnering organizations as they engage, collaborate and activate the advancement of culturally relevant family and community roles for student success from early childhood through college. Focused on establishing a collective impact model, the Alliance convenes meetings, shares resources, and holds other events on the regional and county levels.


SoundOut helped the Alliance develop short- and long-term strategic plans, provided event facilitation for up to 125 people as well as small leadership team meetings with several organizational representatives, and consulted the ESD on future activities.

Results included a sustainable long-term action plan for the Alliance; new countywide coalitions affecting up to 250,000 youth throughout the region; and increased determination and motivation among participants into the future.




Past Projects

Supporting Alberta Education’s Speak Out Student Engagement Initiative

SoundOut consulted the Student Engagement Initiative at the Alberta Ministry of Education in Edmonton throughout 2010 and 2011.

Teaching the Ministry staff about our Frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement, SoundOut staff consulted them on next steps and possibilities for the initiative. We shared an extensive student engagement research review, and detailed international best practices for them from the US, the UK, and Australia.


In 2011, SoundOut Founding Director Adam Fletcher keynoted at the annual SpeakOut Conference for 700 students, teachers, administrators, and Dave Hancock, the Minister of Education.

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Past Projects

Educational Service District 123 Student Voice Project

For the 2011-12 school year, Educational Service District 123 in Pasco, Washington contracted with SoundOut to provide a year-long series of trainings focused on integrating SeattleYEPCMeaningful Student Involvement into 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs.

More than 40 participants attended almost 24 hours of professional development throughout the year. Topics covered included student-adult partnerships, the Cycle of Engagement, SoundOut’s Frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement, and more.

SoundOut staff also introduced a new component to each of the training events focused on personal engagement in schools, and how each individual participants’ perception of schools affects how they interact with learners. Each participant made plans for action, and were provided technical assistance by myself throughout the year.

In the 2012-13 school year, SoundOut trainers provided 20+ hours of professional development for 20 sites from this program to facilitate the SoundOut Student Voice CurriculumParticipants learned to facilitate learning and projects focused on Meaningful Student Involvement for participants, and used the curriculum at their discretion.


  • Educational Opportunity Center, Clarkston, Washington
  • New Horizons Alternative High School, Pasco, Washington
  • Prosser Falls Alternative High School, Prosser, Washington
  • River’s Edge Alternative High School, Richland Washington
  • John Sager Middle School & Meadowbrook Intermediate School, College Place, Washington
  • Dayton Elementary School & Dayton Middle School, Dayton, Washington
  • Finley Middle School, Finley, Washington
  • Kiona-Benton Middle School, Benton City, Washington
  • Robert L. Olds Junior High School, Connell, Washington
  • Paterson School, Paterson, Washington
  • Columbia Middle School, Burbank, Washington
  • Highlands Middle School, Kennewick, Washington
  • Park Middle School, Kennewick, Washington
  • McFarland Middle School, Othello, Washington
  • Housel Middle School, Prosser, Washington
Past Projects

GenYES Student Empowerment Project

Partnering with the international nonprofit GenYES, in 2007 and 2008 SoundOut developed and facilitated in-person training for more than 2,500 students in 42 schools throughout the Central Valley of California focused on student empowerment. The culmination of the project was the development of a student leadership guide for GenYES and the implementation of the guide for more than a decade afterward.

  1. Ahwanhee Middle School
  2. Alpha Tech Middle School
  3. Boron Jr. High School
  4. Boron Sr. High School
  5. Brock Union Elementary School
  6. Christa McAuliffe Middle School
  7. Coalinga Middle School
  8. Coarsegold Elemtary School
  9. Colony Oak Elementary School
  10. Creekside Middle School
  11. Delta Island Elementary School
  12. Dunlap Elementary School
  13. Edison Computech
  14. El Capitan Middle School
  15. El Monte Jr. High School
  16. El Tejon School, California
  17. Foothill Farms Junior High School
  18. General Shafler Elementary School
  19. Haven Drive Middle School
  20. Henderson Community Day School
  21. Island Elementary School
  22. Jack C. Desmond Middle School
  23. Jonas Salk Middle School
  24. Kastner Intermediate School
  25. Keyes Charter School
  26. Lake Don Pedro Elementary School
  27. Lakeside Elementary School
  28. Lee Middle School
  29. Liberty Middle School
  30. Lincoln Junior High School
  31. Livingston Middle School
  32. Raymond-Knowles Elementary School
  33. Reef Sunset Middle School
  34. Richland Junior High School
  35. Sherman Thomas Charter School
  36. Sonora Elementary School
  37. Summerville Elementary School
  38. Teel Middle School
  39. Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  40. Washington Intermediate School
  41. Wawona Middle School
  42. Earle E. Williams Middle School

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Past Projects

GearUP with Student Voice Project

The GEAR UP program fosters college awareness and readiness for low-income middle and high school students by providing a variety of programs targeted to educators. The University of Washington state GEAR UP program serves 5,700 students in 36 schools and 29 school districts throughout Washington state. From 2005 to 2007, the GEAR UP Program partnered with SoundOut to help improve their outcomes.


The state’s major GEAR UP program was faced with normalized student disengagement among their target participants, including low-income, students of color, and migrant/bilingual students. They needed to increase facilitator effectiveness, and decided that modeling and intensive professional development were the best avenues for action.


The University of Washington State GEAR UP program contracted with SoundOut from 2005 to 2007 to facilitate several training activities for almost 300 middle and high school students. In 2007, SoundOut staff facilitated a week-long professional development retreat for local coordinators focused on Meaningful Student Involvement.


SoundOut Founding Director Adam Fletcher and trainer Scott LeDuc facilitated a 36-hour intensive program designed to increase program efficacy and outcomes. Participants reported their work would be transformed, their approaches would refocus on student engagement, and that they had the resources they needed to take strategic steps.


“Adam works tirelessly to create environments and cultures where youth develop and wield the knowledge and power to positively impact not only their lives but also society. He is one of the most knowledgeable, innovative, and effective facilitators, writers, educators, and thinkers in the field. Adam brings theory and reality together in praxis that reveals how utopic visions can become a reality.” – Christin Chopra, former Manager, University of Washington GEAR UP