Citizenship Education and Meaningful Student Involvement

Tools for Teachers
Tools for Teachers

Citizenship education provides opportunities for students to learn the values, ideals, actions and outcomes of shared social, political, cultural and economic lives.

What It Is

The elements of citizenship education include:

  • Awareness: Students are aware of the rights and responsibilities of shared society.
  • Knowledge: Students are informed about the world around them and learn about what matters to the people around them, too.
  • Conscientious: With opportunities to grow their concern about the welfare of themselves and others, students develop their capacities for caring.
  • Sharing: Students develop their abilities to share their beliefs, knowledge, arguments and ideas.
  • Compelling: By exploring their knowledge and conscientiousness, students expand their capacities to influence and change the world.
  • Active: Students can take deliberate actions to create change, make opportunities and explore different ways of being throughout their communities.
  • Responsible: Knowing and understanding their roles in society, students share their capacities in their families, neighborhoods, communities and world.

What It Does

At the center of citizenship education is student voice, which is any expression of any student about anything related to learning, teaching and leadership. Student voice can drive each of the elements listed above, and should be extensively entwined throughout all citizenship education activities.

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