Tools for Teachers
Tools for Teachers

Meaningful Student Involvement can be embedded deeply in a school’s curriculum.

What It Is

The question of who decides the curriculum in schools has a big impact on what goes on in schools. With influences ranging from textbook companies to politicians, and from school boards to businesses and more, schools and teachers somehow have to sort this out and provide a meaningful learning experience for students.

The federal government, along with a coalition of private organizations, is supporting the concept of Common Core State Standards that would create the same standards throughout the country, and many governors have urged their states to follow them. Meaningfully involving students in the curriculum allows teachers to engage students’ attitudes, experiences, beliefs, ideas, actions, and outcomes as central to learning. (Grace M. , 1999)

What It Does

By identifying the central role of classroom curriculum in promoting Meaningful Student Involvement, schools can re-position student leadership by moving it from the purview of eloquent or gifted students towards the experience of the proverbial “every student”. This can allow learners to invest in learning, deepen their experience of curriculum, and secure the power of learning throughout their lives.

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