Focus Areas

At SoundOut, we focus on fostering equitable and appropriate roles for students throughout the education system. Here are our focus areas.

At SoundOut, we use our laser-like focus to improve schools, districts, and state education systems. We support K-12 schools, districts, state education agencies and others with tools, training, and technical assistance focused on these topics. Fostering equitable and appropriate roles for students throughout the education system, our activities include professional development, curriculum, articles and more. Here are our focus areas.

Meaningful Student Involvement

Meaningful Student Involvement is the process of engaging students as partners in every facet of school change for the purpose of strengthening their commitment to education, community, and democracy.

Student Voice

Student voice is any expression of any learner about anything related to education, anywhere at anytime for any reason.

Student Engagement

Student engagement happens anytime a learner chooses the same thing over and over, either on purpose or otherwise.

Student Leadership

Engaging nontraditional student leaders in school improvement and education transformation can foster high degrees of ownership and positive academic outcomes.

Education Transformation

K-12 education systems and organizations find a strategic and valued role in building powerful and transformative movement engaging students as equitable partners to improve schools.

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