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Meaningful Student Involvement amplifies student voice in ways many people don’t anticipate. There are literally countless issues throughout the education system where engaging students as partners can be crucial for success. By moving through the frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement, students and adults can work in partnership to address countless issues across the entirety of the education system, ranging from curricular areas to identity, the physical plant to the societal purpose of schooling. (Checkoway & Richards-Schuster, 2006; Rubin & Silva, 2003; Mitra, 2003) Following are some of the issues students are improving in schools through Meaningful Student Involvement.

List of Issues

Here are a list of issues student voice is addressing throughout K-12 schools and across the entire education system.






Next Steps

While no one issue teaches young people best, this list represents what gets closest to meaningfulness. As long as it is, its not comprehensive, either – there are plenty of other issues. To learn more about what’s next, see the related content below. For information or assistance with Meaningful Student Involvement in your school or organization, contact us.

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