Oregon State Superintendent’s Youth Advisory Team

From 2003 to 2012, the Oregon Department of Education operated the State Superintendent’s Youth Advisory Team (YAT).

Made up of a diverse group of students from around the state, YAT members combined their experiences in the public school system with information relating to significant educational issues to inform the Department of student views and concerns. YAT met five times a year to address specific educational concerns and develop policy recommendations.

Then-Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo established the YAT with 20-25 students annually. Student members ranged from 8th grade through college freshmen.

Students were prepared by being sent relevant information and readings on the issues that were addressed at the meeting. Expert guests came to the meetings and students were asked to make recommendations.

The YAT addressed issues ranging from high school reform and Oregon’s Certificate of Advanced Mastery, changes in graduation requirements to better prepare students for college and work, and school safety. YAT has made recommendations on all these topics to the Oregon Department of Education.

More Info

  • YAT Archives – Includes past member rosters, meeting schedules and agendas, and related materials.

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