SoundOut is for students, teachers, administrators, and school boards, as well as parents and communities.


The SoundOut Student Voice Program offers educators a powerful way to teach students how to improve schools with student voice.

2021-22 SoundOut Workshops

Our workshops… Facilitate learning that transforms learning, teaching and leadership throughout education. Our learning opportunities are highly interactive, engaging, and pragmatic; Increase organizational capacity to build meaningful learning and cultivate the strategic leadership and holistic engagement of students throughout schools; Bring experience to life for educators, parents and others by sharing powerful stories, meaningful lessons, and engaging presentations … Continue reading 2021-22 SoundOut Workshops

Focus Areas

At SoundOut, we focus on fostering equitable and appropriate roles for students throughout the education system. Here are our focus areas.

Meaningful Student Involvement Reading List

This is a Meaningful Student Involvement reading list. It features articles that can serve as the entry point to explore this approach. Each link shares content on the website focused on Meaningful Student Involvement.

Meaningful Student Involvement in Pennsylvania

There is a lot of action happening to support Meaningful Student Involvement in Pennsylvania. This work is substantive and sustained, and will transform education. Following is a summary of different tools, examples and more from Pennsylvania specifically. Pennsylvania Examples Meaningful Student Involvement is not a new phenomenon in Pennsylvania. Student voice has been making itself … Continue reading Meaningful Student Involvement in Pennsylvania