A History of Student Voice in the United States

Students have been striving to improve schools for more than a century. The student voice movement today is being presented as a new thing, something invented by ambitious students determined to improve their schools. However, this simply is not true. In classrooms and education programs scattered across North America and around the world, students have … Continue reading A History of Student Voice in the United States

Directory of Students on State Boards of Education across the United States

The following states self-reported whether or not they allow students on state boards of education. According to the National Association of School Boards of Education, or NASBE, Maine and Massachusetts are the only two states where student members serve two year terms on the state board. In other states terms range from three months to twelve months.

Youngest-Ever Candidate

Calling for student voice in educational decision-making, Sonia Yaco was the youngest-ever documented candidate for a publicly-elected school board position in the United States. In 1972, at the age of 16, she ran for the Ann Arbor, Michigan school board. After announcing her campaign, Yaco completed the procedural requirements for candidacy. However, Ann Arbor Public … Continue reading Youngest-Ever Candidate


SoundOut has compiled the following bibliography supporting our work. We need evidence, stories, and tools. More than ever, schools need the proof and evidence provided by solid theory, concrete studies, practical tools, and real results from any strategy that claims to improve learning. Student voice is no exception. Luckily, there is a steadily growing body of literature … Continue reading Bibliography