Personalized Learning and Meaningful Student Involvement


Personalized learning is a key to infusing Meaningful Student Involvement in classrooms. Through student/adult partnerships focused on creating highly-relevant, deeply rigorous and substantive relationships, every student in every classroom in every school can experience Meaningful Student Involvement.

Personalization focuses on reciprocal relationships between students and educators. In numerous ways, classroom teachers must get to know their students and seek to embody the Principles of Student/Adult Partnerships, including respect, communication, trust and meaningful involvement, throughout their approach to student learning.

Without students’ sense of being known by their teachers and equitable partnerships, the personalized learning will not be successful.

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SoundOut is an international technical support project focused on student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement. We offer workshops, tools and technical assistance to K-12 schools including teachers, administrators and students themselves. For more information visit our About Us page.

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