Quotes about Students on School Boards

What’s been said about students on school boards?


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Following are quotes related to students on school boards, written for the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox.

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For as long as I have been on the board, since 1985, we have had student reps. Some are better than others, but they all bring to the table the students’ perspective on the schools and the important issues we face.

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It’s good to hear high school sports, activity, charity, etc. updates at the board meetings.

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Students bring real-time knowledge of school issues. They help connect the board to everyday activities, conditions and problems of students. Our representatives have been bright, knowledgeable, sincere, energetic and polite.

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The student representative reports activities of student council and other student groups, They have not often expressed concerns of student council at board meetings.

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This years’ student rep has been discriminated against because his father is with the board’s minority. He is only allowed at regular meetings where previous student reps were allowed at all meetings.

We have two students chosen by the administration, and we learn a great deal about what is happening at the school through these students.

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“We have two representatives – one is a high school junior who serves for two years, and the other is the high school senior. “

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We had one a few years ago, but the program was not coordinated well and was dissolved for lack of interest.

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I believe that having an eighth grader sit in on selected meetings will go a far way to educating our youth on government and its processes.

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Not significant for K-8 districts, perhaps OK for K-12 or regional high school districts.

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A member of our middle school’s student council cabinet participates in the workshop meeting each month.

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Representatives provide input on student activities and respond to questions from the board members

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