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SoundOut’s Adam Fletcher facilitates a conversation with K-12 students in Bellevue, Washington.


Transforming schools with Meaningful Student Involvement requires increasing the capacity of students and adults, including teachers, administrators, school support staff, community partners and others. To help with that, SoundOut has developed a series of workshops. The SoundOut Workshop Guide is designed for skill-building and knowledge-sharing.

These SoundOut Skill Building Lesson Plans include more than 20 workshop outlines designed to help learning groups explore different aspects of Meaningful Student Involvement and Student/Adult Partnerships. All exercises are hands-on, interactive, and focused on taking action. The workshops are designed for learners of all ages, including student-only and adult-only groups.

All of this–and more–lies in the heart of Student/Adult Partnerships. Learning through the lesson plans in this guide can allow students and adults to get to that heart, and further. Learn with us and share your thoughts, ideas and feedback in the comments section below. For information on SoundOut’s professional development services and more, contact us.

Thanks, and happy partnerships!

Adam Fletcher, Director of SoundOut

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