Student Voice in U.S. Education Agencies

Following are a variety of examples of student voice in education agencies.

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Student voice is happening in many agencies in Australia, Canada, and across Europe. There are a growing number of examples from Asia and Africa, as well as Latin America.

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In every state in the United States, there are several education agencies. Some deal with early childhood education, others with K-12 schools and others with higher education. Other government education agencies address specific populations.

Student Voice in Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

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LEA (local education agency) is a synonym for a school district, an entity which operates local public elementary, middle and high schools in the United States.

Student Voice in State Education Agencies (SEAs)

Student Voice in the United States Department of Education

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Students on Local School Boards

Local Education Agency Student Advisory Committees

Students on State School Boards

State Education Agency Student Advisory Committees

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