Summer Camp Day Five: Telling the Truth

I’m genuinely flummoxed.  Five days into the 2015 SoundOut Summer Camp at Cleveland High School, I have covered half of the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum, including some rewritten sections and new content. I’ve tested ideas and wrestled with content, and thought I’ve gotten through the deepest, meatiest content in the camp. From here, I expected that […]

Summer Camp Day Four: Reform or Transform?

Taking the bull by the horns, on the forth day of SoundOut Summer Camp students grappled with the difference between reforming schools and transforming education. Throughout the day, they were virtually bombarded with teambuilding and communication games, asked repeatedly to identify for themselves what works in schools and what should change while in the next […]

Summer Camp Day Three: What Can Students Do?

To begin day three of the SoundOut Summer Camp, I asked students to write down every single question they could focused on schools. Of the twenty students there, I received at least ten questions from each one. It was the page with forty-five questions that surprised me. However, one question stood out from the rest […]

Summer Camp Day Two: Why School?

On day two of the 2015 SoundOut Student Voice Summer Camp, students began to make meaning of the question, “Why school?” Our camp cohort, who are all students of color, are enlivened by the question. Suddenly connecting camp with their regular school year learning, they connect schools with issues like gentrification, white privilege, discrimination and […]

Summer Camp Day One: What Is Student Voice?

The SoundOut Summer Camp began on Monday, August 3rd. Hosted by Cleveland High School in south Seattle, the school is home to the twenty students who are attending camp. Tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades are all represented, with twelve girls and eight boys total. On day one of camp, we focus on exploring the question, […]