Students as Teachers Reflection Questions

Engaging students as teachers can be challenging, especially when educators are already overworked and under-resourced. Following are some reflection questions developed by Anastacia Brie and Grace O’Keeffe of the Hudson High School of Learning Technologies in New York City, New York.   Reflection Questions What responsibilities do you hand over to students? How do you monitor […]

Student Voice Reflection Activities

  Taking action, making change, experiencing new adventures… these are awesome reasons to get out and do something. But the richness of the experience, the learning from the experience, these are equally important if we are going to transform society through action. Reflection is integral to learning, because it helps us build self-awareness, strengthen personal […]

Student Voice Brainteaser Activities

FACILITATOR NOTES Keep the pace of lessons up-beat and energetic with these challenging mind games! All of these activities are fun, although they can be a bit frustrating at times for participants. More importantly, they can serve as great metaphors during lessons to keep participants thinking. They can be fillers before you start, during break times, or […]

Lesson Plan on Problem Solving

FACILITATOR NOTES Introduction: Lesson plan for 8-40 students and/or adult participants working in teams. The activity is designed as an experiential way of pulling together lessons from previous communication and teamwork. Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Practice solving a problem as a team Highlight issues of leadership, support, communication and power […]

Student Voice Feedback Tips and Suggestions

  When students have opportunities to share feedback with teachers, school leaders and other adults in education, its important they learn by following a safe, established framework.  Safe and supportive environments are a key to Meaningful Student Involvement; student voice feedback is a way to help ensure those environments exist. Introduction SoundOut has developed a process […]