Creating Action Between Students and Adults

FACILITATOR NOTES Introduction: Activity for 8-40 students and/or adults tramadol for saleGoal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Simulate the challenges of planning a project Have a group examine how they function under pressure ativan for saleTime: 40 minutes valium online pharmacyMaterials: Long rope buy phentermine online no prescriptionSpace: Outdoors, with […]

Lesson Plan on Creating Roles for Students and Adults

FACILITATOR NOTES Introduction: This inquiry-based lesson plan requires a group of 4-40 students and adults. This activity was adapted from Youth Empowerment: A Training Guide (1990) created by CampFire, Inc. Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Provide the opportunity to carefully think through how to involve students in programs. Deepen understanding of the […]

Student Motivation

Student motivation is a learner’s interest and commitment to anything throughout learning, schools or education. Long seen as a “warm and fuzzy” part of learning, today motivation is being recognized as an essential and enduring part of success in education. Without student motivation, all learning strategies are moot, all school improvement efforts are nil, and all […]

Student Voice Tip Sheet

Student Voice is any expression of any student, anywhere, anytime about anything relating to learning, school or the educational experience. What Does Student Voice Include? Student voice includes—but isn’t limited to—active or passive participation, knowledge, voting, wisdom, activism, beliefs, service, opinions, leadership, and ideas. Student Voice reflects identity, and comes from a person’s experiences, ideals, and knowledge. […]

Student Voice Toolbox

Student voice is any expression of any student, anywhere, at anytime focused on learning, schools or education.   Here is a collection of tools you can use to embrace student voice in your school or community! Are you looking for professional development or student training opportunities? Coaching for your school, classroom or program? Learn about […]