Silencing Student Voice

   To assist you in identifying and challenging adultism in schools, I’m adapting this list of common phrases educators have been conditioned to and may use to try to silence oppressed students, especially when students challenge them.   The quotations below are often used by educators against students; however, you can to hear similar strategic […]

Lesson Plan on Roadblocks to Student Voice

FACILITATOR NOTES Introduction: Inquiry-based lesson plan for 4-16 students and adult participants Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Acknowledge issues and concerns Anticipate and plan for problems before they occur Time: 40 minutes Materials: Flip chart paper and markers; index cards and pens/pencils Space: Enough to accommodate whole group Considerations: Even […]

Adultism in Schools

Adultism in schools is bias towards adults that results in discrimination against students. It has a lot of causes, takes many different forms, and creates a lot of different outcomes. This article explores adultism in schools. Please respond in the comment section below! Every single teacher, parent, cafeteria worker, school psychologist, education administrator, afterschool worker, […]

Intro to Student Tokenism

Student tokenism happens when adults use students to validate adult views, actions or ideas. Tokenism happens in school policy and through activities in education every day. It is so deep in schools that many students and adults never know they’re tokenizing student voice, and students don’t know when they’re being tokenized. Students often internalize tokenism, which takes away […]